by Jack Fritscher

An epic liberation movement.
A civil war between women and men
--and men.
A time of sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll.
A murder.
A City.
A Plague.
A lost civilization.
A love story.

Post-Armisted Maupin, these actually real tales recreate San Francisco Boogie Nights 1970-1982. Michael Bronski famously writes in review: "Some Dance, a mammoth sage of gay life is so bursting with plot, characters, energy, and ideas that it is a great epic: a tale of heroes struggling against not only one another, but fate and history to create a perfect...society. That protagonists are leathermen, musclemen, and pornographers battling hate, repression, and AIDS only heightens the novel's literary sweep." Bronski continues: "Writer Ryan and Bodybuilder Kick, the perfect San Francisco couple, embody the eros and errors of fast-lane gay life. Fritscher is as interested in gay history as the histrionics of gay relationships and charts the fabulous couple in the rise and decline of gay culture on Castro and Folsom streets." Bronski concludes: "The heady panorama includes 8 major plots, 15 principal characters, and actual people: Robert Mapplethorpe, Divine, Harvey Milk, Dan White. Fritscher is unflinching and honest."

"The Popular best-selling 90's novel about the Golden 70's is the gay Gone with the Wind." -- Lambda Book Report, The Advocate, Bay Area Reporter, OutWeek

"...a classic...equal to Gore Vidal's The City and the Pillar and James Baldwin's Giovanni's Room." -- David Van Leer, The New Republic magazine

"a sweeping eric...recreates more than a decade of gay history-its sights, smells, nerves, and guts. Some Dance astonishes and bewilders, seduces and frightens us because Fritscher has captured, with intelligence and love, the way we live, both then and now." -- Michael Bronski, The Guide

"The power of Jack Fritscher's parallel fiction and nonfiction books, Some Dance to Remember, and Mapplethorpe: Assault with a Deadly Camera, derives from their intense focus on gay history of the 1970's and 1980's." --Jim Marks, Publisher, Lambda Book Report

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