Mapplethorpe Cover

Assault with a Deadly Camera

by Jack Fritscher

ISBN: 1-890834-29-7
306 pages and photographs, $24.95 Hardcover

"This story is about me!"
--Robert Mapplethorpe

Hot from Camille Paglia's Vamps and Tramps and the Lammy-Winning Gay Roots, Jack Fritscher server the dish on his controversial lover--featured on CNN Showbiz Today!

San Francisco journalist Jack Fritscher was bicoastal lover of exquisite NY photographer Robert Mapplethorpe who, on his deathbed, said about the heart of this bio: "This story is about me," This wild, loving memoir humanizes the sweet person, Mapplethorpe, who got lost in the Senator Jesse Helms' demonization of queers, porn, and the NEA. The San Francisco Review of Books: "a splendid portrait of the two artists as young men." The New York Native: "This addictively readable memoir is the gay-friendly Mapplethorpe story that will amuse readers who experienced New York at and sex in the 70's (or wish they had!)" Fritscher writes nonfiction with the same grace he writes novels like Some Dance to Remember, the colorful companion to this Mapplethorpe. Both 90's books turn such a riveting look at the 70's Gay Culture that former Advocate editor Mark Thompson calls Mapplethorpe "an invaluable record of those times." Fritscher wisely includes other intimate voices: NY gallery owner, Holly Solomon; painter, George Dureau; photographer, Joel-Peter Witkin; critic, Edward Lucie-Smith.

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