by Jack Fritscher

Jack Fritscher proves as cinematic on the page as on screen in this "fast-read" coming of age with Romeo/Romeo appeal to readers innocent to sophisticated. Extraordinary use of dialog makes for strong character development. Story arcs arouse interest and build dramatic intensity. Genet-like literary merit drives relationship story beyond testosterone. Psychology addresses the nature of manhood rituals at the end of the Millennium. You don't actually have to be into rough sex yourself to enjoy this exquisitely crafted novel in initiation into bikes, leather, S&M, and man-to-man sex that pulls no punches when Denny Sargent (18) begins the rites of passage all men must courageously endure to seal their special bonding. Drummer, the leather reader's bible: "Fritscher's writing works spectacularly." The Advocate: "Jack Fritscher writes wonderful book." In groups in LA, NY, and SF, Leather Blues Cover is required reading for men and women experiencing--in terms Fritscher invented--after their "First Coming Out" into sex, their "Second Coming Out" into leather lite and Sensuality/Mutual (SM) pleasures! This is one Bedtime Story to keep under your bed, because the text does what erotica is supposed to do! This legendary story has been serialized in Drummer, MAN2MAN, and Power Play magazines. Original cover drawing by famous NY artist REX.

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ISBN 1890834-27-0
91 Pages, $9.95

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