Confessions of an Altar Boy

A Comic Novel Based on a True Memoir

The really dangerous life of altar boys closeted...The Catholic Church recruited 200,000 boys into seminaries in the 1950's. Only 20,000 were ordained. What happened to the missing 180,000 boys? All those boys and their families will want to read this expose.

What they did to the Kid-Cover
ISBN 1-890834-33-5
Hardcover with 4-color jacket
6 x 9 375 pages, $24.95
4-Star Comedy. 1950's ultimate boys' school story told as never before. Boys go to seminary. Boys meet priests. Boys must decide identity. A self-help novel of esteem for "Anyone Who Has Ever Had to Make a Choice."

You needn't be Catholic to enjoy this coming-of-age fictional memoir that reveals the 1950's roots of 21st-century
"recovering Catholic" panic and angst

Diverse cultural memoir! In this new, authentic, period-novel of a boy's life at Misericordia Seminary. Ryan O'Hara, age 14 to 24, narrates his own lively story of 500 boys trapped by imperial Rector Karg, disciplinarian Father Gunn, tart Father Polistina, and rebel-priest Father Chris Dryden "who knows Fellini and JFK." Strong characters and snappy dialog propel plot conflict forward keeping boys-school location fresh. Storytelling author gives each ensemble character, hero or villian, student or priest, man or woman, a rich back story. (Black civil rights of the 60's as well as three interesting women characters open this story out of the seminary and onto the hot streets of Chicago.)
Jack Fritscher, Author
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A Novel of the Closet! "No one chronicles the shadowlands of American gay masculinity better than Jack Fritscher. What They Did to the Kid illuminates the pains and longings beneath the religious calling--of closeted gay boys--with subersive wit and grace."

--Mark Thompson, author Gay Spirit, Gay Soul, Gay Body Trilogy,
and Advocate Editor Emeritus

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