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Jack Fritscher, who has appeared on CNN, Oprah, HBO and Channel 4, London (with Camille Paglia), is the author of 10 commercially successful books: 6 fiction, 4 nonfiction, with more than 100,000 copies sold. His hard-cover gay-pop-culture memoir, Mapplethorpe: Assault with a Deadly Camera (Hastings House 1994) was excellently reviewed in Publishers Weekly, The Library Journal, and The San Francisco Review of Books, as well as on CNN. He is a widely established writer whose diversity of popular fiction and feature articles has also appeared in more than 25 magazines. He is the recipient of a screenwriting grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (See Golden Orchid below) as well as a grant from the Michigan Council on the Arts. He has taught creative writing at university for 15 years.

The New Republic named his famous major novel, Some Dance to Remember, which has sold more than 20,000 copies, a "classic comparable to Gore Vidal's The City and the Pillar and James Baldwin's Giovanni's Room." The Advocate termed Fritscher's storytelling ability "mythic, comic, epic." Lambda Book Report wrote of his evocation of an era: "As a document of our lives and times, Some Dance to Remember has no peer." Boston literary critic Michael Bronski characterized Fritscher's storytelling as "bursting with plots, characters, energy, and ideas."

THE GEOGRAPHY OF WOMEN, Jack Fritscher's 6th book of fiction is comic, good- natured, and as vividly readable as a fast-talking film script: polished, lean, witty, and compas sionate writing with excellent roles for women. He has recently completed the screenplay for the Beijing (China) Film Company titled, Golden Orchid, which will be shot in China as a major motion picture in 1999. Golden Orchid dramatizes the rise of the first Chinese woman to be ambassador to France, Germany, and Russia in the 1890's.

With more than 4,000 pages in print in books and magazines, Jack Fritscher covers the genres. Similar to Anne Rice's dual career, he has long written for the both the mainstream and the underground. As the founding San Francisco editor who invented the legendary Drummer magazine, he is the author of the novels, Leather Blues (1972 and 1984), Some Dance to Remember (1990), and The Geography of Women (1998), as well as of the 55 short stories in the three short-fiction collections: Corporal in Charge of Taking Care of Captain O'Malley and Other Stories (1984), Stand by Your Man and Other Stories (1987), and Rainbow County and Other Stories (1997). Corporal in Charge and Stand by Your Man completely sold out recently in American editions; both are currently being published in new editions by Prowler Press, London, in April and September, 1998.

His short fiction also appears in the two best-selling anthologies produced by Richard LaBonte, Best Gay Erotic Fiction 1997, edited by Douglas Sadownick, and Best Gay Erotic Fiction 1998, edited by Christopher Bram. His non-fiction books are Popular Witchcraft: Straight from the Witch's Mouth, featuring Satanic Pope Anton LaVey (1972); Television Today (1974); and his memoir of his bicoastal lover, Mapplethorpe: Assault with a Deadly Camera (1994). His coffee-table photography book is Jack Fritscher's American Men (GMP, London, 1995).

His essays appear in books by Camille Paglia, Mark Thompson, Larry Townsend, and Derek Jones: Censorship-An International Encyclopedia, London, 1999. More than 400 of his stories and feature articles have appeared in more than 25 magazines (eg. The James White Review) in addition to the publication of 100s of his photographs and of nearly 20 of his photo graphic covers on magazines and books including James Purdy's Narrow Rooms (1997). His photographs also appear in such British sociology and art books as The Arena of Masculinity: Sports and the Meaning of Sex (1990), Ars Erotica (1997), and Adam (1998). Upon writing his dissertation, Love and Death in Tennessee Williams, he received his doctorate in American literature from Loyola University, Chicago. He has written and directed more than 130 erotic safe-sex video features in Europe and in the United States. His home base is San Francisco where he lives with his partner of 19 years and their dog, Katie, a Border Collie.


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